What is World Family Coin?

WFC is born to solve a big problems in the context of donations and fund raising on research projects of collective interest encoraged on the safeguard and improvement of human life conditions.

The WFC project’s target is to implement a global decentralized platform to manage online donations and fundraising that will be managed independently by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) guaranteeing incentives.
The WFC platform stands as a digital support center between people in need of economic help and potential economic donors from all over the world and thanks to the introduction of the blockchain that is going to change all the process of donations with guaranteed tracking of every donation made on the WFC platform.
Thanks to the WFC platform connected to the blockchain we’re going to cut out the third parts that at the moment are managing this donation system and every donor will be sure that his donation will reach his sustained cause.
WFC is a new cryptocurrency using peer-to-peer technology so it can operate without central autority or banks; the management of transactions is carried out collectively by the network, making all the process clear and safe.

Picture World Family Coin like a big family, a group of people welcoming a single person, supporting his ideas, helping out when it’s needed especially in difficult times.

Thanks to the support of DAO members and donors the WFC’s program aims to work towards three main categories as medical research, natural disasters and development of filantropic and social projects but also personal projects or innovative start-ups.

Three service lines

line one

Receive financial support for medical research in aid of people and communities, finance medical research for the treatment of global interest’s rare diseases.

line two

Receive funding for the use of raw materials, food, water, medical care, services, rides, housing, all of them essential for survival. Financing private and public organizations in the event of disasters and natural calamities.

line three

Receive funds for personal works and projects, finance innovative start-ups, philanthropic and social projects.

How it works

A decentralized community consisting of all WFC token owners governs all processes within the platform, intervening through the use of smart contracts that feed the WFC ecosystem.

The function of WorldFamilyCoin is the one of an utility token that all those who decide to join the DAO ecosystem acquiring powers and privileges, the WFC token will have more utilities that will increase its use and consequently the demand.

WorldFamilyCoin wants to expand its project to the whole world and build a decentralized platform for global donation collection and management. The funds raised will also be used for the maintenance and development of the platform until the creation of a blockchain of its own called WFCHAIN.

Tokens not sold will be burned.
The Token of the team,developers and advisors will be blocked for 12 months
10% of the team total token will then be released every 12 months

Details of the WFC Coin utility token:
Smart contract: Smart contract and Token creation use standard ERC20 on Ethereum platform.
Compatibility with stock exchanges and wallets is ensured.

eWFC on ETH Blockchain

ICO Phases & Bonuses

The WFC value increases!
During the pre-launch phase, WorldFamilyCoin offers everyone the chance to buy a truly exclusive price.
In this case, you will have obtained an advantage in relation to the amount of WFC you have purchased and the percentage of bonuses you received during the PRE-ICO phase in which you participated.
For the main phases, a bonus will be received based on the week of purchase, pre-ico and main-ico sales will be managed through our internal platform where the payments will be processed through the Coinbase commerce service and sent directly to our personal wallets.

CONTRACT ON ETHERSCAN : https://etherscan.io/token/0xd477D210473E9F9De9e9E92D2F712Cd86d10cC2d